Garage Door Openers For Chicago

Do you need a garage door for a Chicago home? An opener you can set and forget? The best garage door opener is the one that we forget we have it. Some how every time you click, the door always opens. Even in the freezing cold in the winter in Chicago.

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Welcome to the garage door opener world. We are here to help you with your problem today. If you are ready to look into getting a new opener and want to keep it simple, look at the options. Otherwise, follow along as we walk you through some helpful information so you can make a good opener choice.

Opener life span

A good opener will last you anywhere between 10 to 20 years without giving you any kind of issues. So nice to not have to worry for many many years. Like any other machine, expect some maintenance around 10 to years of daily use.

Garage door opener brands

For the last couple of decades, there have been many opener brands. Some of them have thrive and we will give you some tips on how to pick the best for you. How do you know which is the right for you? We will consider durability, reliability, design, and cost so you can pick the best choice that fits you, your home and your wallet?

How to chose the right opener

How to choose a garage door opener is easy. All you need is to measure the hight of your garage door. A standard garage door hight is 7′. A 7′ garage door opener will work an any garage door 7’6″ and under. For 8′ garage doors, make sure when you buy you get an 8′ rail. Otherwise you door won’t open all the way. As far as horse power, for any residential garage doors a 1/2 hp will work. If you notice your door is extremely heavy, more so than the rest of garage doors around your community, a 3/4 hp will be you best bet.

Three fo the major brands that have stand the test of time are Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Genie. We will list the best three of the best there brands.


Liftmaster is the best professional line when it come to garage door openers. Is by far the most commonly installed among garage door professionals. They are innovative and up to date as far as technology. All openers now a days will come with a iPhone feature so you can operate form wherever you are. It comes with a great variety of choices to choose from:

Belt Drive

Belt drive openers’ best feature is the quietness it offers. A belt pulls the door up and down to lessen some of the horrible sound you get from a chain opener. The belt also comes with a lifetime warranty as well as the actual motor inside your operator. The price of belt drive is slimly higher than chain drive but spending consider a few extra dollars for a quiet and reliable opener. They are also one of the best looking machines too.

Chain Drive

Chain drive as its name indicates, works by pulling you door with a chain as supposed to belt. This is a great option fro houses that are detached from the garage. Garages in the alleys in Chicago are a great example. The chain is durable, reliable and saves a little on cost, since this is the one with the lowest price tag.

Jack Shaft

Wall mounted units or jack shaft openers work a little different from what we are used to. They do not pull the door. They open the door by a rotation on your garage door spring torsion tube. This feature will save space on your ceiling since you don’t need the middle rail and it mounts on the top side next to your garage door. This opener installs on the side of door so its crucial you have at least 12″ of clearance between you door and the side wall next to it. It will not work with the old extension spring system.


Genie garage door openers in 

Genie has been around for decades now. This brands also has many options to chose from different features on each other models. Options for your home based on the type of drive system include screw drive , chain and bet drive. The price tags on Genie openers will be in general a bit lower than other top brands but you still have a great garage door opener for years. As well as Liftmaster, Genie features also include fast operation. The belt and chain operate by pulling the door up either with a chain or a belt. A popular older system called screw drive has a long screw piece that spirals as the door travels up or down.


Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Chamberlain group has been making garage door opener for years. All their model speak quality, reliability and great support. If you enjoy having a quiet garage door opener in your house, Chamberlian has a great option for you. If you are include to select an opener that will provide with great lighting in your garage, they have it too. Some other feature to mention include the light sensor. A motion detector senses when you enter your garage and turn the light on for you. All their models are up today in technology and include WiFi capabilities.

List of the best opener:

Liftmaster, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Genie.

When you have decided which garage door opener works best for you to buy or schedule a visit from your local expert