Best Garage Door Openers (2019-2020)

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Looking for the best your garage door openers? Great, you installed a new door but still haven’t gotten yourself a garage door opener. Well, what are you waiting for?

Most people don’t see the need to install a garage door opener because it’s not mandatory, and they may not wish to have “expenses.” The word “expenses” is in quotes because while you may regard a garage door opener as an expense, it actually is a worthy investment!

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Why Get A Garage Door Opener Installed

A garage door opener may not be mandatory to your garage, but it is very essential. Think about all the ways it could make your life easier, and you’ll realize just how much you need it.

The problem is that with most things that don’t come as compulsory accompaniments or adjoint elemental parts, most people end up ignoring their importance and even forget about their existence. 

Is it worth it?

A garage door can in many ways save you a great deal. Take for example the time you spend walking in the freezing cold all the way from your car to your garage just to open its door; the energy spent, a slip and broken leg… Most people will like to regard this as exercise, but is it really?

There are so many ways you can choose to exercise; it doesn’t have to be with your garage door.

The opener will last as long as 20 years. Whatever you pay for your opener you will get your money back in reliability, durability, and low maintenance. It is a real time and effort saving for the price you pay.

Time becomes a real factor when you’re caught up in an emergency and need to save every second you can. Opening the garage door manually ceases to be an exercise at this point.

Other cases such as weather changes which may include heavy rainfall or snow, will also make you rethink having to “exercise” with your garage door.

Now compare this with an automatic garage door opener. How easy can it be getting your garage door lifted within 1 to 5 seconds of your approach to the garage? Think about the noise you could reduce with a garage door opener and the simplicity it comes with.

Easy to use garage door openers

Will you really ever have to worry about anything anymore? Nonetheless, modern garage door openers have come with an improvement to their designs and functionality, making them faster, easier to operate and way safer than they were in the past.

Imagine you don’t even have to worry about their prices because basic garage door openers without fancy features but only the important ones come at very affordable prices!

What You Should Look for In A Garage Door Opener

Simple operation

Get yourself a garage door opener that is easy to operate. One the simple click of a button.

Modern openers actually come with IPhone apps or integrations making it possible for you to control them using your phone.

One simple tap and your door will open or close. It works from anywhere you may be. How amazing is that!

Time saving

You should consider how long your garage door opener takes to open the garage door. Between 1 and 5 seconds is the recommended time for a good garage door opener.

For all the busy families of today, every minute counts. Save time leaving and coming home with the simple click on your garage door remote.


How silent is your garage door opener? Good ones can be as quiet as possible; someone else may not even realize that the garage door is being opened. This becomes advantageous when your garage is adjacent to a room or a shared space that needs silence.

Such as the case where there is a bedroom above or next to your garage. We wouldn’t want you to wake up the kids. Belt drive openers will give you the quietness you need for your garage door.

Power consumption

Get yourself a garage door opener that consumes less power while on standby mode. This will ensure that there’s no strain on your electricity bills and you’ll therefore not have to regret anything.

Look for a garage door opener that is easy to operate. Modern openers actually come with phone apps or integrations making it possible for you to control them using your phone. How amazing can that be!

The following is a list of some of the garage door openers that you could try out:

  • Liftmaster
  • Chamberlain
  • Genie
  • Craftsman
  • Sears
  • Stanley

Have you finally decided to get yourself a garage door opener? Then why don’t you give yourself a garage door opener today? We can guide you on the best garage door opener to purchase and in case you already have, then we can proceed to the next step of installing your opener. Reach out to the professionals; we shall take care of the rest for you. For some tips on how to install it yourself you can go over here.

Here is a Youtube video to illustrate what a garage door can do for you these days.

Are you ready to take action and buy your new garage door opener?