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Sep 28, 2007 by roses12 | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

Nissan Micra 2003 petrol cap???

Member since: 28 April 2006 Total points: 355 (Level 2) Points earned this week: --% Best answer roses12 S Nissan Micra 2003 petrol cap?? Petrol button within car to open cap is not working to open the petrol cap. Wire has come detatched from button and when pulled is still not opening the cap. Anyone know how this can be fixed or do i need to go to garage to get this sorted?

easy fix is to remove the plastic shroud and pull wire with pair of pliars then you will need to buy a new release handle and replace the old one failing this the car may still be under warrenty if milage under 70 000 or so see if the nissan garage wll fix for free

mistysomers | Sep 28, 2007
EvelynThe ModifiedDog. | Sep 28, 2007
There's usually an emergency release cord in the boot. If you take away the trim inside the boot where the fuel cap is, there's a little cord you can pull which will release the flap.
Sep 28, 2007 by roses12 | Posted in Nissan

Nissan Micra 2003 petrol cap??

Petrol button within car to open cap is not working to open the petrol cap. Wire has come detatched from button and when pulled is still not opening the cap. Anyone know how this can be fixed or do i need to go to garage to get this sorted?

Track the cable and pull it.

john | Sep 30, 2007
sarah a | Sep 29, 2007
ebay u idiot

Nissan Garage Opener - Bookshelf

154 pages

Black Enterprise


A programmable garage door opener becomes standard on the GLE and optional on the SE. With Maxima, Nissan is competing in the hotly contested " near luxury" midsize category. With a pleasantly powerful 190- horsepower V-6 driving the ...

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400 pages

Double Cross, A Novel

Creator: James David Jordan | Fiction - 2009-10-01

Throwing it open, I felt around the corner for the light switch, hit it, and then searched the wall near the door for the garage opener button. When I found it, ... As daylight filled the garage, we got a look through the windshield of Elise's Nissan.

Publisher: B&H Books

About this book
Double Cross continues the story of Taylor Pasbury, a heroic young woman introduced in James David Jordan’s novel, Forsaken (“highly readable . . . Taylor is a character worth another visit” —BookPage).Raised by a father who was a former Special Forces officer, Taylor is beautiful and brilliant and knows how to take care of herself. But she is haunted by her past and the sacrifice her father made to save her from a brutal rape when she was seventeen. After a controversial stint in the Secret Service, she has become the most prominent private security specialist in America. When she discovers the body of a former client’s top assistant, all the evidence points to embezzlement and suicide. But Taylor has no way of knowing that her mother, who ran out when Taylor was nine, is about to reappear and lead her down a twisting path of danger and deceit. It’s a road that won’t end until they reach the spot where Taylor’s father died—where Taylor learns some sacrifices can never be earned.

168 pages

Popular Mechanics


NISSAN TITAN First Report: It often seems that Nissan gets lost in the shadow of its gargantuan archrival, Toyota. ... rear overhead console, split bench front seat, power-adjustable pedals, universal garage door opener, tow package, Utili-track ...

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    Only compatible with vehicles equipped with HomeLink
    LiftMaster 855LM Homelink Repeater Kit
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    Contains a repeater and new remote control

  • Air Lift

    AIR LIFT 72000 Wireless Air Leveling Compressor

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Air Lift)

    Rating (44 reviews):
    Air Lift

    Doesn't last - poor design

    Purchased 2 yrs ago. When working it is great. The problem is that I have gone through five (5) manifolds during the past two years. No joke! They have all been warrantied but I was out shipping costs each time, not to mention my time in installing the manifold. Tech support admitted they have had lots of problems with the manifolds, mostly due to debris in the lines or moisture. Well I had purchased my airbags also new 2 years ago, so the bags were also nice and new. As for moisture causing corrosion of the solenoid valves, you will have that with compressed air unless you install a fancy air dryer, which they don't.Tech support did mention that they keep redesigning the manifolds but with a warranty swap, they replace with the (rebuilt) same design and there is no upgrade. My latest replacement arrived with a flaky pressure switch and Airlift made me pay shipping again to replace the DOA manifold (both ways)I would not purchase this wireless manifold again... 1/5 Eric Mcmaster - See all my reviews, June 21, 2012

    Poor performance and Cheap Materials

    0 1/5 MK (MI USA) - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: AIR LIFT 72000 Wireless Air Leveling Compressor (Automotive) Beware! Do not buy this item. It doesn't work. Reception is very poor and keeps faulting. Navigation through screens is hard and it defaults to home screen after turning of wireless screen too fast (after 5-10 sec). Some of the hardware was missing and filter hose extension didn't have correct fitting on end. The drill templates in the manual are not sized properly for the part holes. Power wire way too short for trucks. Also, the Manufacturer tech support is terrible. Promised to send parts buy never did. They REQUIRE you to provide Credit Card information before they send parts under warranty.Poor performance and Cheap Materials 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , June 15, 2012

    Great system...

    0 5/5 Andres Gamero - See all my reviews, February 22, 2012
    List Price: $689.93
    Wireless handheld unit for convenient operation in or outside vehicle
    Easiest installation of air compressor for air springs ever with no lines or wires to the cab
    Automatically maintains set pressures and controls two air springs independently
    Exclusive two way communication for advanced air system diagnostics
    Includes compressor and manifold and control box

  • Nissan

    Nissan ALTIMA 2013 Interior Mirror

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Nissan)

    Fits: ALTIMA 13 Sdn, w/o navigation; w/compass | ARMADA 14 w/o navigation; w/automatic dimming | MAXIMA 14 (automatic dimming), w/o navigation; w/garage door opener (HomeLink) | TITAN 14 w/o navigation; w/auto dimming, w/garage door opener | INFINITI G37 13 Cpe, w/o navigation; w/compass | TITAN 13 w/o navigation; w/auto dimming, w/garage door opener, from 9/12 | ALTIMA 14 (Sdn), w/o navigation; w/compass | QUEST 13-14 w/o navigation; w/automatic dimming | AND MORE (see description)
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